Why You Should Join Mivida Book Club

The Mivida Book Club is a community of intentional people especially young leaders committed to continually improving themselves in their mind, body and soul through reading.

We are a community of readers who are ready to push beyond our limits and achieve a lifestyle of growth and maximum potential through reading.

Our goal is to read regularly and intentionally inspiring and nourishing books that improve us and the quality of our life.

Now, you’re busier than ever. It’s hard enough squeezing in quality time with your favorite book, much less finding an hour to attend a club meeting. There are babysitters to consider, traffic to contend with, work to get done and the all-too-irritating task of looking halfway presentable.

So, why not join an online book club? One that helps you focus and achieve your reading goals efficiently.

Here are several reasons why you should join Mivida Book Club:

  1. An opportunity to read constantly and consistently in a focused niche
  2. You want to meet interesting people and network with like-minded people
  3. You want to get the extra push you need to meet your reading goals
  4. Some books need to be discussed
  5. You want to become a better person(self-development)
  6. You want to read things that you wouldn’t otherwise read and achieve reading goals for a year
  7. Opportunity to pay *discounted fees for Mivida events
  8. Access to free ebooks
  9. we’ll basically help our members to develop a healthy reading habit ensuring consistency and building a support system
  10. We will have online reviews, hangouts, book festivals, meet and greet, book donations


*Discounted fees – terms and conditions apply.

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