Mivida Enterprise is your go-to platform for inspiring and empowering young adults to live their best lives.

Mivida Enterprise focus is on helping young adults (between the ages of 18 and 40) find clarity in life and empowering them to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life leveraging events, technology and other initiatives.

Mivida Events

At Mivida, we create amazing learning experiences through events. We have been able to organize events and training such as our Goal Setting Masterclasses, Vision Board Workshop, Mivida Beach Hangouts, etc. targeted at young adults, that has affected hundreds of young adults, helping them get clarity and do more with their lives

Starting from December 2017 when we had our first event, we’ve affected the lives of hundreds of young adults both online and offline and we are just getting started.

Mivida Digital Book Club

The Mivida Book Club is a community of intentional people especially young leaders committed to continually improving themselves in their mind, body and soul. 

Our Goal: We want to build a community of readers who are ready to push beyond their limits and achieve a lifestyle of growth and maximum potential through reading. We hope to inspire young adults to a wealthier life and help them build a wealth of knowledge across different fields.

Join the Mivida Book Club Community