Mivida is a social enterprise founded by Esther Omikunle, a wholesome living advocate, that focuses on helping young adults (between the ages of 18 and 45) find clarity in life and empowering them to live a happy, healthy and wealthy life through the several events we organize like the Goal Setting Masterclass, Vision Board Workshop, Mivida Beach Hangout and several others.

At Mivida, we have been able to organize events targeted at young adults, that has affected hundreds of young adults, helping them get clarity and do more with their lives. We just launched our Book Club for young leaders.

We believe in living our best lives; living life to the full.

Starting from December 2017 when we had our first event, we’ve affected the lives of hundreds of young adults both online and offline and we are just getting started.

We create amazing learning experiences through events. Long term, we are looking to create sustainable learning paths through courses and mentorship. We will also be sharing inspiring stories of people’s lives on our website and social media.